Staff and Faculty

Mr Tay, Kelvin
Vice Principal (Preparatory Years & Primary Section)
Mr Ng, Bernard
Vice Principal (Secondary Section)
Ms Lim, Annie
Vice Principal (Secondary Section) / Diploma Programme Coordinator
Mr Soon, Alvin
Vice Principal (Administration and Finance)
Ms Tan, Eunice
PY Section                                                                                      
Director / Preparatory Years (PY)
Ms Tsang, Joanne
Primary Section ___________________________________________
Head Of Department / Aesthetics (Primary)
Ms Sim, Audrey
Head of Department / Chinese & Culture (Primary)
Ms Lam, Jin Lam
Head of Department / English (Primary)
Mr Douglas, Andrew
Head of Department / Mathematics (Primary)
Ms Yeo, Veronica
Head of Department / Science (Primary)
Ms Neo, Sock Khim
Head of Department (Acting) / PE & CCA (Primary)
Mr Cheng, Albert
Head Of Department / Character and Global Citizenship Education (Primary)
Mr Sun, Chin Keong
School Staff Developer (Primary)
Ms Chua, Shuan Kwee
Subject Head / Student Well-being (Primary)
Ms Chao, Wei Ling
Subject Head / Student Management (Primary)
Mr April, Patric
Subject Head / Culture & Character Education (Primary)
Ms Lin, Ho Mei
Subject Head / Chinese & MRL (Primary)
Ms Chen, Hui
Subject Head / English (Primary)
Ms Cheung, Kartine
Subject Head / Mathematics (Primary)
Ms Fung, Yvonne
Subject Head / Social Studies & National Education (Primary)
Ms Lim, Hwee Hong
Subject Head / Innovation & Talent Development (Primary)
Ms Lam, Edwina
Subject Head / Technology Integration (Primary)
Ms Yee, Serene
Subject Head / Physical & Health Education (Primary)
Ms Halliday, Emma
Subject Head / Learning Support (English) (Primary)
Ms Yu, Kelly
Secondary Section                                                                             
Head Of Department / Chinese Language (Secondary)
Ms Tam, Amy
Head Of Department (Acting) / Chinese Culture (Secondary)
Ms Feng, Fei Fei
Head Of Department (Acting) / Chinese Curriculum (Secondary)
Ms Lam, Phoebe
Head Of Department / Mathematics (Secondary)
Mr Tee, Koon Beng
Head Of Department / Mathematics (Secondary)
Mr Tan, Chee Kian
Deputy Diploma Programme Coordinator, Head Of Department / Economics & ICT (Secondary)
Mrs Cheng, Vanessa
Head Of Department / Humanities (Secondary)
Ms Krishnan, Mullaiselvi
Head Of Department / Talent Development and Student Leadership (Secondary)
Mr Tan, Ron
University Counsellor, Head Of Department / Character & Global Citizenship Education (Secondary)
Ms Lee, Rui Jun
Head Of Department (Acting) / Character & Global Citizenship Education (Secondary)
Ms Brampy, Nattaporn
Assistant Director / PE & CCA (Secondary)
Mr Wong, Patrick
Head Of Department / PE & Sports (Secondary)
Mr Wojewnik, Keith
Head of Department / English (Secondary)
Ms Tan, June
Head of Department / Professional Development & Curriculum (Secondary)
Dr Tan, Doreen
Subject Head / Theory of Knowledge (Secondary)
Ms Wong, Lucia
Subject Head / Humanities (Secondary)
Ms Ang, Ling See
Subject Head / Science & Physics (Secondary)
Ms Tan, Joy
Subject Head / Chemistry & Biology (Secondary)
Mrs Manna, Maumita
Subject Head / CAS (Secondary)
Ms Tai, Clara
Subject Head / Student Leadership (Secondary)
Mr Cheung, David
Subject Head / Partnership & Career Guidance (Secondary)
Mr Fryer, Anthony
Subject Head / Student Well-being (Secondary)
Ms Lee, Anna
Subject Head / Visual Arts (Secondary)
Mr Toh, Danny
Subject Head (Acting) / Student Management (Secondary)
Ms Rice, Amy
Subject Head (Acting) / English (Secondary)
Ms Tate, Fiona
Subject Head (Acting) / English (Secondary)
Ms Lall, Smita
University Counsellor, Subject Head (Acting) / Education & Career Guidance (Secondary)
Ms Lo, Emma
PY Section     ___________________________________________
Subject Head / Chinese (PY)
Ms Siu, Kwan Ying
Subject Head / English (PY)
Ms Thomson, Jacqueline
Teacher Mentor (PY)
Ms Chan, Sharon
Primary Section ______________    _________________________
Teacher Mentor (Primary)
Ms Jin, Mengwen
Teacher Mentor (Primary)
Ms Sam, Mei Yin
Visual Arts Coordinator (Primary)
Ms Szeto, Esther
Performing Arts Coordinator (Primary)
Ms Sullivan, Kate
Music Coordinator (Primary)
Ms Mok, Tracy
Technology Learning Coordinator (Primary)
Ms Chan, Jerodine
Swimming Coordinator (Primary)
Mr Kemp, Ryan
Student Leadership Coordinator (Primary)
Ms Chung, Twiggy
School Counsellor (Primary)
Ms Mirapuri, Sapna
Student Support Officer (Primary)
Ms Tsoi, Heidi
Student Support Officer (Primary)
Ms Wu, Xuelun
ICT Coordinator (Secondary)
Mr Davies, Daniel
Music Coordinator (Secondary)
Ms Lee, Irene
IGCSE Coordinator (Secondary)
Mr Fryer, Anthony
School Counsellor (Secondary)
Ms Pal, Dona
University Counsellor (Secondary)
Mr Delvecchio, Christopher
Class Form Teacher EL / CL Teacher Teaching Assistant
PY1A Ms Chan, Tan Ms Lunty, Alisa Ms Cheng, Elaine
PY1G Ms Iu, Kathleen Ms Chan, Elaine Ms Lam, Kathleen
PY1K Ms Edwards, Michelle Ms Chan, Sharon Ms Ho, Emily
PY1O Ms Siu, Kwan Ying Ms Louw, Simone Ms Lim, Vicky 
PY1P Ms Fan, Pui Shan Ms Wong, Siu Mui Ms Ho, Wincy 
PY1S Ms Yip, Chu Kwan Ms Chow, Melanie Ms Chan, Tracy 
Class Form Teacher EL / CL Teacher Teaching Assistant
PY2A Ms Lunty, Alisa Ms Chan, Tan Ms Cheng, Elaine
PY2G Ms Chan, Elaine Ms Thomson, Jacqueline Ms Lam, Kathleen
PY2K Ms Chan, Sharon Ms Edwards, Michelle Ms Ho, Emily
PY2O Ms Louw, Simone Ms Siu, Kwan Ying Ms Lim, Vicky
PY2P Ms Wong, Siu Mui Ms Fan, Pui Shan Ms Ho, Wincy 
PY2S Ms Chow, Melanie Ms Yip, Chu Kwan Ms Chan, Tracy 
Primary 1
  P1 Year Head / (Primary)
Ms Elanggoan, Elizabeth
Class Form Teacher Form Teacher Teaching Assistant
P1-Respect (P1-RT) Ms Chao, Wei Ling Ms Cheung, Sing Ms Chan, Cathy
P1-Responsibility (P1-RY) Ms Parker, Kristina Ms Cheung, Kwong Yung Ms Wu, Winnie
P1-Resilience (P1-RE) Ms Cheng, Mona Ms Jin, Mengwen Ms Ng, Denise 
P1-Integrity (P1-IY) Ms Elanggoan, Elizabeth Ms Lee, Tswei Lane Ms Li, Phoebe
P1-Care (P1-CE) Ms Leung, Anthea Ms Sam, Mei Yin Ms Hu, Aimee
P1-Harmony (P1-HY) Ms Whitehead, Amanda Ms Lin, Ho Mei Ms Lam, Jenny
Primary 2
  P2 Year Head / (Primary)
Ms Szeto, Esther
Class Form Teacher Form Teacher Teaching Assistant
P2-Respect (P2-RT) Ms Fan, Jing Ms Chen, Bobbi Ms Cheng, Stephanie
P2-Responsibility (P2-RY) Ms Mullen, Sharon Ms Wong, Novelle Ms Cheung, Nicola 
P2-Resilience (P2-RE) Ms Yan, Jie Ms LytheRao, Joanne Ms Ng, Hailey
P2-Integrity (P2-IY) Ms Szeto, Esther Ms Feng, Rui Ying Ms Lu, Freya 
P2-Care (P2-CE) Ms Aoki, Cindy Ms Tian, Jing Ms Kwong, Agnes 
P2-Harmony (P2-HY) Ms Lee, Dee Dee Ms Chuang, Shih Hui Mr Leung, King Yu
Primary 3
  P3 Year Head (Covering) / (Primary)
Ms Cheng, Fiona
Class Form Teacher Form Teacher
P3-Respect (P3-RT) Ms Yu, Kelly Mr Dansereau, Yvan  
P3-Responsibility (P3-RY) Mr Lee, Casey Ms Chen, Hui  
P3-Resilience (P3-RE) Ms Cheung, Kartine Ms Xhelilaj, Ornela  
P3-Integrity (P3-IY) Ms Li, Karen Mr Kemp, Ryan  
P3-Care (P3-CE) Ms Cheng, Fiona Ms Zhou, Xiao  
P3-Harmony (P3-HY) Ms Keen, Victoria Mr April, Patric  
Primary 4
  P4 Year Head / (Primary)
Ms Lee, Giok Hua
Class Form Teacher Form Teacher
P4-Respect (P4-RT) Mr Lai, Adam Ms Lee, Giok Hua  
P4-Responsibility (P4-RY) Ms Lam, Eleanor Mr Yip, Po  
P4-Resilience (P4-RE) Mr Brousseau, Patrick Ms Chan, Jerodine  
P4-Care (P4-CE) Mr Teo, Boon Teck Mr Cheng, Albert  
P4-Harmony (P4-HY) Ms Lim, Hwee Hong Ms Mok, Tracy  
Primary 5
  P5 Year Head / (Primary)
Ms Ong, Wendy
Class Form Teacher Form Teacher
P5-Respect (P5-RT) Ms Lee, Pick Kian Ms Chung, Twiggy  
P5-Responsibility (P5-RY) Ms Yee, Serene Ms Halliday, Emma  
P5-Resilience (P5-RE) Mr Cooper, David Ms Tang, Qing Qing  
P5-Care (P5-CE) Ms Sullivan, Kate Mr Hung, Shao Lun  
P5-Harmony (P5-HY) Ms Ong, Wendy Mr Kneale, Kristan  
Primary 6
  P6 Year Head / (Primary)
Mr Craig, Samuel Joseph
Class Form Teacher Form Teacher
P6-Respect (P6-RT) Ms Lam, Edwina Ms Yang, Jing  
P6-Responsibility (P6-RY) Ms Churchill, Natalia Mr Skhawat, Ali  
P6-Resilience (P6-RE) Ms Tan, Cleo Mr Douglas, Andrew  
P6-Care (P6-CE) Mr Craig, Samuel Joseph Ms Lam, Jin Lam  
P6-Harmony (P6-HY) Ms Zhou, Xue Ms Chua, Shuan Kwee  
Secondary 1
  Year Head
Ms Ngan, Lee

Class Form Teacher Form Teacher
S1L Ms Law, Bell
Ms Khader, Shirley
S1M Ms Wang, Xinyue
Mr McMinn, Peter
S1R Ms Tate, Fiona Ms Lee, Shirley
  Ms Tam, Amy  
S1S Ms Xu, Sarah Mr Davies, Daniel
Secondary 2
  Year Head
Mr Lian, Boon Shen

Class Form Teacher Form Teacher
S2L Ms Li, Siu Fei Mrs Lam, Amy
  Ms Ang, Ling See  
S2M Ms Tan, Shu Sze Mr Lo, Jebsen
  Ms Brampy, Nattaporn  
S2R Mr Chichula, Rao Mr Cheong, Colin
S2S Ms Lall, Smita  
Secondary 3
  Year Head
Mr Webber, Jonathan

Class Form Teacher
S3L Ms Shen, Luyi Mr Lian, Erwin
  Mr Fryer, Anthony  
S3M Mr Lei, Leon Ms Chan, Shaney
S3R Mr Chu, Vincent Mr Ratz, Matthias
S3S Ms Ang, Hwee Lin Mr Strub, Stephen
  Mr Wojewnik, Keith  
Secondary 4
  Year Head
Ms Or, Louisa

Class Form Teacher Form Teacher
S4L Ms Huang, Yinping Ms Lee, Irene
S4M Mr Paul, Satish Ms Lee, Anna
S4R Dr Wong, Mico Ms Lau, Connie
S4S Ms Sheung, Wa Mr Wong, Patrick
IB Diploma
 DP1 Year Head (DP1)
Ms Tai, Clara

DP1 Mentors  

Mr Desmond, Cory
Ms Feng, Feifei
Ms Krishnan, Mullaiselvi
Ms Lam, Phoebe
Dr Taczkowska, Magdalena
Mr , Tan Chee Kian
Mr Tan, Ron
Mr Toh, Danny
Mr Toh, Jeffrey
DP2  Year Head (DP2)
Ms Choudhary, Ekta

  DP2 Mentors  

Ms Cheng, Vanessa
Ms Lee, Rui Jun
Ms Lo, Emma
Ms Manna, Maumita
Ms Tan, Doreen
Ms Tan, Joy
Ms Tan, June
Ms Wong, Lucia
Executive Secretary
Ms Yeung, Jo Jo
PY & Primary Section                                                                         
HODs' Secretary
Ms Wong, Angela
Senior Administrative Officer
Ms Sze, Ann
Administrative Assistant
Mr Ong, Charles
Administrative Assistant
Ms Lau, Brigitte
School Nurse
Ms Lai, Zanonia
Office Assistant
Mr Li, Sunny
Secondary Section                                                                             
Senior Administrative Officer
Ms Cheung, Simone
Administrative Officer
Ms Liu, Vicky
Administrative Officer
Ms Tam, Yvonne
Administrative Assistant
Ms Ng, Farrah
 Human Resources
Head of Department / Human Resources
Ms Hon, Lillian
Assistant HR Manager
Ms Yeung, Annice
Senior HR Officer
Ms Liu, Kiki
HR Officer
Ms Wang, Queena
PY & Primary Section                                                                         
Ms Yen, Yuleen
Library Assistant
Mr Leung, Eric
Secondary Section                                                                             
Ms Wong, Annick
Library Officer
Mr Sin, Simon
Head Of Department / Finance
Ms Yeung, Carol
Assistant Finance Manager
Ms Nip, Pansy
Accounting Officer
Ms Lo, Helen
Accounting Officer
Ms To, Tammy
Accounting Officer
Ms Wong, Mandy
ICT Director
Mr Chiu, Eric
ICT Manager
Mr Ma, Stanley
PY & Primary Section                                                                         
ICT Officer
Mr Luk, Justin
ICT/AVA Support Specialist
Mr Wong, Joe
Secondary Section                                                                             
ICT Officer
Mr Cheng, Kevin
 Science Lab  
Primary Section                                                                                
Science Lab Assistant
Ms Lam, Ida
Secondary Section                                                                             
Science Lab Technician
Mr Tse, Maverick
Science Lab Assistant
Ms Lam, Denise
Campus Planning & Development
Head of Department / Campus Planning & Development
Ms Ng, Ada
Assistant Manager / Campus Planning & Development
Mr Chek, Ivan
Clerical Assistant
Ms Lee, Ruby
Campus Management
Maintenance Manager
Mr Wu, Terry
Senior Maintenance Officer
Mr Cheung, Kwok Wai
Senior Campus Officer
Mr Yung, Eddie
Campus Management Support Officer
Ms Leung, Red
Corporate Communications
Head of Department / Corporate Communications
Ms Koh-Grieve, Connie
Assistant Communications Manager
Ms Wong, Vanessa
Assistant Admissions Manager
Ms Lau, Carrin
Student Enrolment Officer
Ms Cheng, Helena
Communications Officer
Ms Yu, Tracy
Admissions Assistant
Ms Yue, Jenny