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SIS(HK) Online Library Catalog
icon-library SIS(HK) Online Library Catalog

Monday – Friday: 7:30 am – 4:30 pm


  • Parents can accompany their children to use the library after school from 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm on weekdays.


  1. Our library is a learning resource center for reading, research and homework.
  2. We must work quietly when we are using the library.
  3. We whisper to show consideration to other library users around us.
  4. We must follow instructions and respect the librarians at all times.
  5. All library Items are to be checked out at the main counter.
  6. Please line up properly when borrowing and returning books.
  7. Do return books, magazines and other resources to their correct places after use.
  8. All rearranged furniture must be returned to their original order after use.
  9. Drinking, eating, running and playing are not allowed in the library. We must keep the library tidy.
  10. Library computers are used for library catalogue use and research only. Email/Chats/Games are not allowed.

All SIS students must present their Library Card when checking out library books.

Borrower No. of Loans  Loan Period
PY Students 4 books
(2 English & 2 Chinese books)
7 days 
Primary & Secondary Students  5 books
(3 English & 2 Chinese books)
7 days

You should return books on or before the due date. Books may be returned to the book drop at the circulation counter.

You can renew a library book up to 3 times. You must bring the book to the counter to renew it or renew it online via the library catalogue anytime before the due date. A book can’t be renewed if it is requested by another student, or if you have overdue books.

Overdue and Losses
There is no charge for overdue items. If an item is lost or damaged, you will be charged the cost of replacement plus a processing fee of $50 each item. All library fines should be cleared as soon as possible. You may not check out any more items until library fines are paid or lost books are returned.

Overdue Notices
Overdue notices will be sent by email. The first notice will be sent by email 7 days after the due date. After another 7 days, the second notice will be sent. If an item is not returned after a second notice, a payment notice will be mailed home to the parents to cover the costs of a replacement copy.

The book collection contains fiction and non-fiction books for research and reading. Fiction books are shelved alphabetically by the author’s surname. Non-fiction books are shelved in numerical order using the Dewey classification system.

The library has the following collections and the primary school collections are colour-coded.

Primary School

Collection   Code Colour
English Picture Book EP Yellow
English Easy Fiction EE  Green
English Fiction EF Red
English Non-Fiction EN Blue
Chinese Picture Book (PY) PYC Yellow + Black
Chinese Fiction Book (P1-P2)   CP  Yellow
Chinese Fiction Book (P3-P4)   CE  Green
Chinese Fiction Book (P5-P6) CF  Red
Chinese Fiction Book CN Blue
French Fiction Book FS Grey
French Non-Fiction Book FN Grey

Secondary School

Collection Code
Reference Book SREF
English Fiction SF
English Non-Fiction SEN
Chinese Fiction SCF
Chinese Non-Fiction SCN


  • The library computers are open for student use. They are for library catalogue use only. The use of computer games and emails is not allowed any time.
  • You need to ask for permission if you want to use a computer for school related projects. You can get the permission slip at the counter. No more than 2 students may be at a computer at one time.

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