Our Programme

Preparatory Years                                                                               
Our Preparatory Years (PY) Programme, one of the most highly sought-after in Hong Kong, offers young children a balanced education catering to their physical, intellectual, moral, emotional and social development. The PY Programme ensures that your child is equipped with the skills and values necessary to face the world of tomorrow. Here, your child becomes: Effectively bilingual in English and ChineseAll our subjects (like Language Literacy, Art, Rhyme and Movement, Physical Education) with the exception of Mathematics are conducted in both English and Chinese, giving your child lots of opportunity to use both languages.                                                                                               

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Primary Level                                                                                     
Uniquely Singapore-styled, our Primary School offers a broad-based education, anchored in a rigorous bilingual programme designed to ensure the child's holistic development, in and out of the classroom, and most importantly to develop critical life skills and sound moral values.

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Secondary Level                                                                                  
SISHK Secondary Section offers a Singapore-based bilingual curriculum (English and Chinese) at Secondary 1 and 2, and the IGCSE curriculum at Secondary 3 and 4. We intend to offer the IB Diploma Programme as our post-secondary terminal qualification, and our students will be primed to meet the demands of this challenging curriculum.

Our curriculum is future-oriented, holistic and rigorous. It emphasises the development of an international outlook amongst our students, cultivation of sound values and character, and acquisition of 21st century skills and knowledge in a bilingual environment. The curriculum is complemented by a vibrant co-curricular and extra-mural activity programme.


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IB Diploma & Pre-University Level                                                        

The IB Diploma Programme (DP) at SISHK is a rigorous, two year pre-university curriculum preparing students for final examinations that are both set and marked externally. The DP provides a balanced, academically rigorous curriculum that develops the skills, abilities and work habits needed for success in university. Components such as CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) and TOK (Theory of Knowledge) foster qualities essential to good global citizenship and help to create lifelong learners with strong critical thinking skills.The DP is a preferred standard for university admission due to its reliability as an externally marked and moderated academic admissions criteria and its multi-disciplinary course of study that encourages well-rounded, creative learners who are active in the community and strong global awareness.